Spanish Classes for Kids


There is a once-yearly Registration/Supply Fee, as well as a monthly fee.  The monthly tuition is due on the first of the month and late on the fifth of each month.

The monthly tuition is calculated for an average number of classes per month. Some months will have 3 classes, some will have 4, and other months will have 5 classes. The The Language Spark calendar follows the Conroe ISD school calendar and observes the same holidays. Holidays are included in the cost of the tuition.

Classes meet one or two days a week depending on your school.

If you plan to cancel class, you must either email or call The Language Spark.

Please contact us for pricing.

Who Can Attend Spanish Classes

The Language Spark offers beginner Spanish classes at the child care center.

Classes are for children who are at least 3 years of age through 2nd grade.

We also offer classes for groups outside of child care centers, but we must have a minimum of 6 children between the ages of 3 and 6 to form a class.

About the Classes

We have a fun curriculum that teaches several themes throughout the year .

We strive to be a Spanish Immersion Program, which means that our lessons begin the year in English and teach the Spanish vocabulary, but then we move to teaching the lessons mostly in Spanish so that the students are exposed fully to the Spanish language. We make the content comprehensible by using manipulatives, gestures, pictures and lots of repetition (we may use English to clear up confusion).

We believe that in order for children to learn a language, they must be able to experience it in numerous ways that engage different areas of multiple intelligence.

That is why our curriculum uses several different methods to reinforce target vocabulary for each unit. For example, we might play a game that is centered around the theme and uses manipulatives that reinforce target vocabulary. Then we have a lesson in which the students engage in hands-on activities with the target vocabulary. And finally, we conclude the lesson with a craft activity to help children remember the target vocabulary.

With every themed unit that we cover throughout the year, students receive vocabulary cards to take home. That way, parents can practice the target vocabulary with their children to help reinforce the new language that they are learning.

The once-weekly Spanish classes are designed to expose the children to simple vocabulary in a fun and non-threatening way. Since the classes only meet once a week, we do not expect the children to become bilingual in a short amount of time. We simply want them to learn basic vocabulary and to cultivate a love of learning Spanish. Becoming fluent in a second language requires much time (often multiple years) and much exposure to the language.

Spanish Classes for Kids

We offer Spanish classes at the child care center for preschoolers and primary students.

We make learning Spanish fun for kids, and we use content-based hands-on instruction, visuals, songs, and games to help students naturally make the transition from their native language to Spanish.

If the child care center your child attends does not offer Spanish classes, contact us.  Let us know the child care center’s name and phone number and we’ll be glad to work with the center to bring Spanish to the children there.

You don’t want your child to miss out on a great opportunity to learn a second language!